Transform Your Smile In One Visit To Our Sumter Office

Porcelain Veneers Provide a Natural Look and Feel

These thin porcelain shells are placed over a tooth to improve its size, shape, and color in a single visit.

Veneers are wafer-thin porcelain shells placed on the front surface of the tooth. Our dentists can help patients achieve stunning smiles with porcelain veneers designed and placed at our Sumter, SC, dentist offices. Veneers, thin porcelain shells placed on the front surface of the tooth, are a unique and versatile cosmetic dental procedure.  Dental Veneers can cosmetically correct a variety of imperfections in a single procedure.

Veneers can alter the appearance of tooth shape, size, alignment, and color. Your veneers may be fabricated by a ceramist at a specialized lab, or in some cases, you may be a candidate to receive one-visit CEREC® veneers.

Veneers Consultation

When you choose to receive porcelain veneers, your initial consultation will be one of the most important appointments you attend. During this visit, your doctor will review your medical and health history, examine your mouth and x-rays, and determine whether veneers are the right treatment option for you. You and your doctor will also discuss your expectations: what look do you want to achieve with your new veneers? What do you dislike about your smile? Is there anything you like about it?

The dentist may ask you to bring in pictures to help him understand the attributes you most admire in a smile. Once your doctor understands your vision, he will develop a custom treatment plan and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Same-day Veneers with CEREC®

With our CEREC® machine, we can fabricate custom veneers in one visit. However, many of our patients opt for the high-quality, handmade veneers made at our partner dental lab. Whereas CEREC® mills veneers from a solid block of porcelain, a ceramist builds veneers with thin, stacked layers of porcelain. At your initial visit, the doctor can help you determine whether CEREC® or handmade veneers will best meet your needs.

The Procedure

Before we fabricate or order your veneers, you will need to attend a clinical appointment in which we will prepare your teeth and take digital tooth impressions. If you opt for CEREC® veneers, we will fabricate and attach your veneers the same day. Should you choose lab-made veneers, the doctor will attach temporary restorations to your teeth, and you will return to the office in two weeks when your permanent veneers are ready.

If you are ready to transform your look and enjoy renewed confidence every time you share your smile, porcelain veneers may the be perfect option for you.

If you receive lab-made veneers, at your final appointment the doctor will remove your temporary restorations, clean your teeth, and then apply cement to hold the permanent veneers in place. He will carefully position them on your teeth, then check your occlusion to make sure that the veneers do not alter how your upper and lower teeth fit together. Finally, your doctor will polish your teeth, and you will leave the office with a sensational new smile.

Care and Maintenance of Veneers

Veneers can last 20 years or longer with the proper care:

  • Prevent tooth decay and gum disease with daily brushing and flossing and regular dental checkups and cleanings.
  • Maintain the bright white color of your veneers by avoiding stain-producing substances such as tobacco, coffee, and dark foods and sauces. Although veneers are stain-resistant, the cement that binds them to your teeth may become discolored by certain foods and beverages.
  • Eliminate habits like nail biting or chewing on pencils or ice. Porcelain is highly durable but not quite as strong as natural teeth, and avoiding excessive bite force will help prevents chips and cracks. 

Schedule Your Consultation

Contact us today to schedule your consultation at our Tahoe Drive or Guignard Drive office. If you are ready to transform your look and enjoy renewed confidence every time you share your smile, porcelain veneers may be the perfect option for you.