Tooth Extraction: Remove Severely Damaged Teeth

Tooth Extraction Can Restore Your Oral Health

When a tooth has become so extensively decayed or damaged that it cannot be saved, our dentist may recommend extracting it. Often, tooth extractions can help alleviate pain and discomfort. Our dentists have extensive training in oral surgery, taking a particular interest in tooth extractions. Additionally, our dentists have specialized training and experience with dental implants. We use the most advanced dental technologies at our Sumter, SC dental offices to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency during your treatment.

In the event that you need multiple teeth extracted or missing one or more teeth, our dentists offer several replacement options. High-quality restorations will restore the form and function of your mouth.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Our priority is the preservation of your natural dental tissue and teeth. However, a tooth extraction is sometimes the best means of removing oral diseases. By undergoing a tooth extraction procedure at our practice, you can expect to experience:

  • A brighter, more attractive smile: Advanced decay and damage often require extraction. Once the compromised tooth is removed, you will need to restore the tooth.
  • Prevention: The removal of wisdom teeth is often performed to prevent teeth crowding, infection, and other issues. If you have a severely decayed tooth, extraction can also prevent infection of surrounding teeth.
  • Relief: Issues requiring tooth extraction are frequently painful. Possibly, a tooth extraction will provide immediate relief.
  • Comfortable care: Local anesthesia is available for your comfort. Also, sedation is available for patients who experience dental anxiety.
  • Candidacy for orthodontics: If your teeth are too crowded, we may recommend extracting one or more teeth to make room for neighboring teeth.

Am I a Candidate?

Extraction may be recommended in order to resolve:

  • Advanced gum disease
  • Advanced dental decay
  • A fractured tooth
  • An impacted tooth
  • Severe overcrowding
  • A failed root canal

You can depend on our Sumter practice to explore more conservative options before recommending a tooth extraction procedure. For example, if you are suffering from advanced tooth decay, but the exterior of the tooth appears to be able to stand alone, we may recommend a root canal.

“Making each and every patient feel at ease is one of our top priorities.”

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Before your tooth is extracted at our Sumpter office, one of our doctors will numb the treatment area using local anesthesia. A special tool will be used to gently loosen and remove your tooth. If a molar is being removed, it may need to be separated into small pieces to ensure that the surrounding gum tissue is not damaged. If you plan on receiving a dental implant, bone grafting material may be placed in the tooth socket.

The final step involves suturing any incisions that were made and placing gauze over the surgical site to control bleeding. You should rest for the remainder of the day and follow the recovery guidelines provided.

If you are experiencing a sudden onset of pain or other symptoms of a dental complication, contact our clinic immediately.